Sitting Pretty

Sitting prettySometimes I think it’s important to be seen and not heard. Sounds sexist, right? Wrong! We don’t always have to make the loudest noise and speak up, in fact, sometimes it’s a good idea to #SitPretty and observe. That’s exactly what I’ve been doing the last 16 months.

I know a lot of you have been wondering what I’ve been up to and why I was MIA on Facebook, Twitter, Ungenita Beauty Blog and my ever so popular Ezine for that matter.
I really appreciate all of the emails and messages. THANK YOU!!!I was MIA BUT it was nice to be MISSED!

Ungenita, you have some explaining to do!

Yes, so here it goes…

 It all started late 2011, things started to shift in both my personal/professional life. Being the optimistic, unlimited thinker that I am.I IGNORED it. I thought it was a phase and would quickly go away.

It DIDN’T. Yet, I continued to RESIST until finally I had to SURRENDER.

You see, I was still functioning like I had in the past not realizing a new me and a new way of doing things wanted so desperately to emerge and she was willing to stop the old me in her tracks.

Was I ready for this lesson?
I had no choice…


I was introduced to the other UNGENITA. If you’ve read Think and Grow Rich, you know what I’m talking about. It wasn’t easy, in fact it was quite painful. It took a lot of soul searching to embrace what was going on in my life. Brian Tracy calls it course correcting.

I know where I’m headed BUT the map that I had was never going to get me there. WOW!
I had to find another route. I had to refuel and ask for directions.

I wanted to get there FAST
I wanted this LAY_OVER to be OVER.

The voice inside said STOP, you’re not going anywhere UNTIL..
I sat long and hard AND what I realized, in order to get what I wanted I had to:

Use all my failures as fuel to move forward
Stop asking Why?
Be grateful for the wisdom to understand what I was going through
Practice forgiveness to myself and others (friend or no-friend)
Be willing to cut my losses
Say good-bye to the old me
Stand in my power
It wasn’t easy BUT I decided it was time for a RE-DO (okay a down & dirty makeover). I went crazy. #PerfectYOURPotential

I started a new fitness regime (reunited with Kickboxing/Yoga)
I switched to an even healthier diet
I deleted toxic people (You can’t be for me/against me)
I added more amazing people
I started my Spiritual Practice
I wrote every day
I read and re-read for personal/professional growth
I wrote my second book
I took care of some unfinished business
I did affirmations
I humbled myself
I prayed
I healed old wombs
I said Thank You for the good, the bad and the ugly EVERYDAY
I celebrated every success
I became silent
I cried a lot
I donated to charity
I let go
I believed


I didn’t have anything to say.
I didn’t want to explain myself.
I didn’t want to live in the past or re-live the past.


It was like MAGIC- I surrendered and BAM!

The pieces started to come together (Effortless) BUT all of my old stuff started showing up (and still does) BUT now I’m equipped like never before.

And from this place I created something NEW with a blank canvas.

It’s exciting! I can’t wait to reveal, some of you will be surprised but then again those of you that know the real UNGENITA won’t because you know what lives deep down within my heart.

FINALLY it all makes sense and it was ALL for my greater GOOD.

I am Good but I feel GREAT!

So, I return with a new perspective and a new plan BUT it won’t be business as usual BECAUSE it’s time for a GRAND RE-OPENING…Out with the Old in the with new U!

Dare to be UNDEFEATED!!

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