Would YOU Like Ungenita To Help YOU With YOUR BIZ???


Makeup Artists, Hair Stylists, Fashion Stylists, Designer’s, Photographer’s, Beauty Writer’s, Bloggers/Vloggers and all Beauty Makers’. Ungenita Prevost is inviting you to participate in a 5 week Tele-seminar meticulously designed for 20 Beauty Maker’s. Get on the guest list NOW!!!

If you don’t have an influx of clients, aren’t bringing in enough money to cover all of your expenses, don’t understand how to market, have a difficult time asking for the sale, find yourself waiting for the economy to get better & lack a clear vision of how to do business in the 21st Century You could very well have a “Hobby” or “Side-Business”.

Are you ready to stop…?

  • Worrying about where your next paycheck is going to come from
  • Constantly chasing clients and getting rejected
  • Feeling crushed by the pressures and demands of keeping your business afloat
  • Pulling your hair out about how to use social media in your business
  • Taking advice from the wrong people

Join NOW and receive the training audios Q/A Starts Wednesday February 22, 2012


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