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The Rancho Santa Fe Inn
The Rancho Santa Fe Inn

I am off to San Diego today for 4 days for a David Neagle event at The Rancho Santa Fe Inn. I’ve heard some amazing stories about David Neagle & I am so excited that I get to finally experience him myself. I’m all about personal development & the law of association. It’s amazing how far I’ve come but it’s only do to the fact that I continue to evolve & surround myself with the right people. I’m so happy with where I’m at in my life right now. That’s what happens when you stand in your power.

The Inn at Rancho Santa Fe is just 25 minutes north of San Diego, hidden in the golden foothills of Old California. It is a place where time ceases to tick and begins to flow, where the San Diego weather does a perfect imitation of Eden, and where the natural beauty of the surroundings couldn’t be more dreamy. If I have time I will visit the spa. I will fill you in next week so stay tuned….

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