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Hair Remedies
By: Yondel Benjamin

Suffering from hair loss due to over-processed hair? At the age of 10, I experienced serious breakage due to a bad relaxer. It doesn’t matter the age, because hair loss can be traumatizing. Read on to find out about 2 products that have helped me tackle hair loss.

A woman’s hair is her crowning glory.

I promote healthy hair underneath the wig.

Some products that have helped me battle hair drama in the past and still do today are:
Organic Root Stimulator Hair Mayonnaise & BB Carrot Oil.

Thinning Hair? There’s a solution for that! Organic Hair Mayonnaise has been around for years. It has been helping those who suffer from thin hair.

Organic Hair Mayonnaise can be used as a deep conditioner, after shampooing your hair this product can be applied. I suggest using it two times a month and you will see results. I strongly recommend these products because it’s natural. It helps to thicken your hair.

I came across BB Carrot Oil in a hair magazine. The article was talking about using the right products with color treated hair. BB carrot oil caught my attention because it’s helpful with dry damaged hair. I have used this product for years. BB works great on color treated hair and non color treated hair. It helps bring back a natural shine to the hair shaft.

These products come highly recommended. Both of these products can be found in your local beauty supply store or drug store at an affordable price. Remember healthy hair starts from within. When having hair concerns its best to consult with your hair stylist and try to figure out the problem. If you aren’t taking care of yourself it normally shows in your hair.

Have a happy hair week,
Yondel, Wig Designer & Educator

About The Author:

Wig designer Yondel Benjamin changes lives one wig at a time. This wig designer takes females from hectic hair to haute hair instantly. She creates high quality customized pieces for females on the go that desire to look and feel good at all times. Yondel also educates others how to make wigs and maintain healthy hair. Take a break from the weave and let your real hair breathe with a wig! For more info on wig designer Yondel Benjamin, you may visit www.queenslace.com.

Yondel A. Benjamin 
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