True Beauty Tuesday

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First Lady Michelle Obama
First Lady Michelle Obama

First Lady Michelle Obama fascinates me. If you ever thought it wasn’t possible to be smart, beautiful & raise honorable children she is the quintessential lady. As a woman I think it’s important to edify one other and draw inspiration from women that are making a difference. I picked up O Magazine with Michelle Obama on the cover. Oprah always delivers and the interview with Michelle Obama was exceptional. All I could say was WOW…This is a woman who knows truly what it means to be beautiful from the inside/out. She takes care of herself. She made time for a morning workout with sit ups long before we heard of Senator Obama. She talks about how important motherhood is to her & how her kids are thriving-not just living. She shares how to have a happy marriage. She is part of history but stands in her authenticity.

I love her sense of style, individuality that ranges from low cost to haute couture. When you look at her you get a sense that she doesn’t worry about what other people think. A highly confident, independent & modern woman who raises the bar on motherhood & the role of a wife. I recall during the election she was often compared to Jackie Kennedy-Onassis. It wasn’t long before America realized that taking on this role was about her standing in her power. She will leave her own legacy behind. I am happy that I was able to witness this in my life time.

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