The High Life

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If you want to experience more highs in your life, charge what you’re worth. Chances are, you’re undercharging, and you’ve made excuses for why you’re doing so, because you’re feeling insecure, uncertain that people will buy and don’t believe 100% that what you have is worth the investment.

What to charge & how to ask for what you charge is a huge dilemma for creatively inclined female entrepreneurs, and it will determine whether you become wildly profitable or just struggle to get by. After all, if you don’t value what you do, who else will?

Are you discounting your products and services all the time? 
Do you dread hearing, “So what do you charge?” 
Do you feel that lower dollar amounts will attract more buyers?

6 words you should memorize. How would you like to pay? When would you like to start? When I coach women about increasing their net worth. It truly starts with self-worth. Pricing can be a scary situation for a lot of women, because it’s tied up in so much emotion and tension that often has nothing to do with business basics or the services they’re providing. Instead it tends to be centered on self-image rather than the value they provide to others. 

So if you’re exhausted, overwhelmed…and stuck at an income level that isn’t working for you financially. Think “high” instead of “low”.

I have struggled with this very topic myself. It wasn’t until I exhausted myself before I realized that what I was delivering far exceeded the price point. I raised my rates FOUR TIMES this year!

Was it scary? Absolutely, but it goes back to value. As I begin to value myself more the appropriate clients showed up that also valued my services as well.
Another thing that I struggled with is feeling like I needed more training to justify my increase when in actuality I already had an arsenal of information that my clients received remarkable results from.

Most of us are life-long learners, which mean you’ll never stop gaining new knowledge, wisdom, and experience. Waiting until you “know more” is not sexy; if you’re consistently developing yourself you’re in the market for an increase.

Why are we afraid to ask?

Oh, the drama! I see this happening a lot. When it comes down to asking for the offer it goes south. Why? In my personal experience (and the experience of my clients), pushing past certain price barriers is a huge mental effort. It forces you to have to deal with some pretty significant emotional baggage.

Valuing yourself and your offerings more than you have before
A genuine belief that you can get people to pay you more
Standing by what you offer with conviction that you can deliver
If you wish to increase your offer it starts with mastering your mind. And I want you to think about that. Because until you handle that, you won’t be able to take action on getting high-end clients.

Push past thinking about why you can’t sell high-end products and services, and start to think of all the reasons customers would graciously want to buy from you.
Put your imagination to good use. Picture yourself talking to the client, answering all of their objections with ease, asking for the offer and them eagerly accepting. Now imagine how much you’re going to change your client’s life.

Remember you’re charging more, because what you deliver is worth it!

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