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Let me introduce you to Hollywood Correspondent Gayl Murphy, “You Gotta Tell It To Sell It!” . Gayl was very instrumental in getting me to define my core message. She is a delight to work with & a fantastic Media coach. I invite you to visit her site You will find her striking a pose with some of Hollywood’s most beautiful leading men. Her book Interview Tactics How To Survive The Media Without Getting Clobbered features some great techniques that can be carried through many professions, not just entertainment.

Gayl Murphy’s “Interview Tactics!” Video…
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G A Y L M U R P H Y ’ S


 (Media = Gatekeeper = Decision Maker)

me-di-a noun The various means of mass communication thought of as a whole; TV, radio and print, together with the people involved in their production. – Webster
me-di-a nounAnyone, or ANYTHING that has the ability to take YOUR message and move it forward. It’s everywhere… and there are two of them! – Murphy, “I Celebrit-ize CEO’s.”1 –You gotta pitch to promote, so you can TELL IT TO SELL IT! If you can’t tell your own story, who can? And who will…and WHY would you want them to? Only YOU can tell YOUR story!

2 – Be as honest and upfront as you can with the person that’s interviewing and engaging you.

3 – Relax, enjoy and have a good time. Being interviewed is supposed to be FUN. Whatever the circumstances, you get to be the star of THE ME SHOW starring ME, or in this case…YOU!

4 – Keep this Interview Tactics! Report close at hand in your MEDIA BAG and refer to it often, because you’ll need it. REMEMBER: It’s the RIGHT TOOL for the right time. Why? Because you can’t control the environment you’ll be delivering your message in, and it’s not a reporter or decision maker’s job to show you the ropes, or help you tell it to sell it!

5 – When you’re telling your story to the media or any gatekeeper, your JOB is to capture their attention and imagination in the shortest amount of time. The best way to do that is by using COLOR AND DETAIL. A good story is both the SIZZLE AND THE STEAK. To set your story up, paint a picture with your words, using color and detail – and drop the other person in.

6 – Use INTERVIEW TACTICS! to keep the media engaged in what you’re saying so they’ll continue asking you questions. This keeps the interview lively, cohesive and moving right along.

7 – PREPARE. PREPARE. PREPARE IN ADVANCE and KNOW what you’re going to say BEFORE you talk to the press – just don’t write a script. Think more along the line of BULLET POINTS to keep it fluid. TIP: You can ask in advance if there are specifics to the interview. Usually they’re more than happy to share.

8 – Stay on topic and STAY FOCUSED. Be specific. Give DETAILS; places, names and dates. Remember, you’re a reporter too…reporting YOUR story.

9 – Create and have colorful and intriguing SOUNDBITES ready at a moments notice to help tell your story, move it along and to keep it interesting, detailed and newsworthy. A SOUNDBITE is A BRIEF AND OUTSTANDING MINI-VERSION of who you are and what you’re selling.

10 – Whenever possible, connect and incorporate your message with a story that’s already making news. Your story then becomes NEWSWORTHY and more of an ATTENTION GRABBER. Media outlets will be more apt to run your story if it’s been RIPPED FROM THE HEADLINES because readers and viewers are more apt to pay attention when it’s something they’re already familiar with.

11 – Talk about your experiences with your creation, product or service as they relate to what you do. Explain how those experiences helped or empowered you, or someone you know. How has someone benefited from what you’ve accomplished? What problem did it solve?

12 – Listen carefully to the questions that are being asked and answer them specifically and succinctly – and TAKE YOUR TIME, just don’t be a slowpoke.

13 – If you don’t understand a question that’s being asked, you have the right to ask that it please be repeated, or rephrased.

14 – Don’t be long-winded! GET TO THE POINT. You can always add more information on the back end.

15 – Know when to wrap it up. If the person you’re talking to starts texting, or talking on the phone while you’re still talking, it’s time.

16 – Never answer a reporter’s questions with a YES or NO answer. Why? Because it can stop the interview in it’s tracks.

17 – Make a list of 5 different ways to say YES and NO and start using them in your everyday life.

18 – When you can, WRAP THEIR QUESTIONS INTO YOUR ANSWERS – meaning, you answer rephrasing the question and repeating it in your answer. Just make sure you’re not sounding like a robot when doing this. Practice beforehand so it flows and sounds natural.

19 – If you’re doing an electronic interview – radio/TV – don’t bring or wear anything that jingles, beeps, rings, cries, barks, or otherwise makes noise on it’s own.

20 – No sunglasses unless you invented them, you’re Bono, or you’re being interviewed at high noon in the Mojave Desert.

21 – The press isn’t there to judge you, but they are your gatekeepers to Media Land – so be mindful. And, don’t give them anything to judge you for, unless you want to land in the tabloids.

22 – No need to be nervous, but if you are – it’s okay to acknowledge.

23 – Being in front of the media requires a level of PERFORMANCE, so give your interview your ENERGY.

24 – An interview isn’t a confession, so there’s no need to reveal your deepest and darkest secrets to a complete stranger.

25 – An interview isn’t a conversation either, but it is GIVE AND TAKE, so listen carefully to what’s being asked.

26 – No chewing gum, drinking alcohol, or eating during an interview. It’s rude and will ruin the audio. This doesn’t apply for the Cooking Channel or a Budweiser promotion.

27 – Make EYE CONTACT whenever you can. SMILE. Compliment a reporter when they ask you an insightful question.

28 – Say the reporter’s name when you can. People really like it when you say their name.

29 – Thank your interviewer for taking the time to cover YOUR story.

30 – Whatever your product; books, CDs, photos, films, cookies, clothing, jewelry, etc., I say bring a sample, or a press clipping along and ask if they would like to see it, try it, or have it. This takes the guesswork out of what you’re selling and they get to enjoy your handiwork first hand.

31 – Check out your body language. What is it saying about you? Are your hands all over the place? Are you playing with your hair or the buttons on your clothing? First impressions are everything. It’s important to look CONFIDENT and COMFORTABLE.

32 – Dress for success and DRESS THE PART! Whatever your part is. You’re the STAR! You get to decide how the world sees you.

33 – Don’t be lazy with your language. Speak up and speak in complete sentences. Avoid phrases such as; YA KNOW, LIKE…UMM and KNOW WHAT I’M SAYIN’?

34 – Having a sense of humor is always a good thing – just don’t go overboard. Sharing a joke with a reporter is one thing, trying to be Chris Rock is another … don’t go there.

And most important, when all is said and done…what a reporter really wants is an insightful INNER-VIEW of you and to turn in a great story and get paid.  


If anyone’s qualified to tell you what sells in the media – and how to and create messages that make millions — it’s Gayl Murphy!

Gayl Murphy is a veteran Showbiz Correspondent, Speaker, Media & Presentational Coach and Author of, “Interview Tactics! How to Survive the Media without Getting Clobbered!”

Murphy’s Law: Ya Gotta Pitch to Promote it, So You Can Tell it to Sell it! “When it comes to telling the world about you and your and business; you live and die by what you say. And, if you can’t tell your own story who can? And who will? Not the media, they’re too busy.”

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 Whoever tells the stories shapes society. – Plato 

“I celebrit-ize CEO’s!” – Murphy  


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