Sleeping Beauty

You probably think I’m going to talk about how many hours of sleep you need to get every night. Not the case, because I know if you’re a female entrepreneur, you probably stayed up far more hours than you’d like to admit to. I know I have, but for the love of my business, I’m okay with that. I think there are nights, you’ll have to stay up late and modeling sleeping beauty is not an option. But, sleeping patterns are important when it comes to your business.


You have to know what keeps your clients up at night. When I entered the world of marketing, I was asked to answer the following question.

Do you know what keeps your clients up all night?

  • Put yourself in your clients/customers shoes…
  • What are they agonizing over?
  • What are they pulling their hair out about?
  • What is bringing tears to their eyes?
  • What is robbing them of their joy?

They have problems that are keeping them from a good night’s sleep and you’re the person that can actually help them solve their problem. Sounds simple right? Well, I think by seeing yourself as a problem solver versus a Hair Stylist, Life Coach, Fashion Designer, Makeup Artist, Image Consultant, Esthetician, Beauty Expert etc. you will start to make core connections with prospects and your closing ratios will increase.

Your ultimate goal is to help your client become a sleeping beauty! I won’t get into the benefits of sleep but you can help her (or him for that matter) because you have the solution to the thing that’s wrecking their sleep!

Here’s a list of some of the top sleep wreckers in the world:

I need more money 
I need a new job. 
I need to get more organized. 
I need to find more time.
I need to reduce stress, stop worrying 
I need to lose weight. I need to improve my health 
I need to find a relationship. 
I need a new wardrobe. 
I need style. 
I need to learn how to cook 
I need to clear my skin. 
I need to cut my hair. 
I need to take better care of my hair. 
I need a new hair do. 
I need to look more youthful. 
I need to look good.
I need to dress better.
I need to look good in my photos.
I need to find makeup that works on my skin

What I’d like you to do, pick 3-5 sleep wreckers and begin to design your “pretty pitch” and your marketing messages around them. When you identify, what they need, what’s keeping them up at night; you can openly communicate online-offline more effectively. When you convey the result and the benefits of working with you, you will have more clients/customers coming to YOU. Chances are they want to be a sleeping beauty inside/out!

Peaceful Sleep…Peaceful Life!!!!!!!

More business means you will become a Sleeping Beauty Too!

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