Sleeping Beauty Saturday

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Slepping Beauty
Slepping Beauty

There’s a reason for her name. Are you getting proper sleep? Most people average about 5-6 hours a night. As busy as we are we had better make time to get a good night’s sleep. Otherwise it can take a toll on your body.

We need 8-8.5 hours of sleep a night (some people need less, some more). Sleeping is when your body rejuvenates and resets all your inner functions and hormones. Your body cleanses and repairs while you are asleep. And if you aren’t sleeping *enough*, then your body isn’t getting a chance to catch up on its repair work.

If you are busy counting sheep night after night you are not developing a healthy sleeping habit. Those consecutive nights are not offering you any benefit to your inner/outer beauty.

I have been a night owl my whole life but I found that proper nutrition allowed me to sleep deeply every night. The ideal sleep is called REM sleep. It’s deep, and it’s rejuvenating. It’s the kind of sleep where you dream. If you aren’t getting this kind of sleep, you could literally be damaging your body.

16+ Hour Work Days can cause these issues and countless others:

·         Hormonal Imbalances

·         Lowers your immune system

·         Aging skin

·         Accelerated aging to your whole body

·         Low energy

·         Adrenal exhaustion

·         Grumpy/irritable

Go for 8 every night. Pick a time that you will say good night & stick to it. You will look better & You will feel fantastic!


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