Nutrition For Beauty Thursday

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Abs Of Nutricity
Abs Of Nutricity

Why 2 ounces in the morning & 2 ounces in the evening keep my stomach flat. Fruit does a body good so beware of the diets that suggest skip the fruit to slim down. I recall the days I danced professionally I ate a banana everyday & I was pretty lean & weighed in at about 108 lbs. Some might argue that the cardio burned it off but the point of the matter is I remained lean. I didn’t bulk up from the carbs in the bananas I peeled everyday. According to a review by the renowned Copenhagen University Hospital, waistlines trim down more quickly if you consume carbohydrates from fruits and vegetables more than white bread or processed sugar-based products. 

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I love starting my day off by squeezing fresh lemons in my water to set up the digestive track properly. Citrus, especially oranges, are also helpful. You can also curb those between-meal cravings by eating fiber-packed fruits and veggies. Immunity boosting Vitamin-C and beta-carotene are also plentiful in fruits such as peaches, berries, oranges and kiwi etc. Consume whole fruits for flatter abs. Buyer beware of the sugar based juices which Dr. Lou Niles describes as high calorie sugar water. MonaVie is the only juice that has 19 whole fruits consisting of skin, seeds & pulp. The integrity of the fruits have not been compromised so you are essentially drinking a nutritional beverage that’s as natural as having an orchard in your backyard.

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