Nutricity For Beauty Thursday

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Dore' Chocolatt Milk and Sugar Free
Dore' Chocolatt Milk and Sugar Free
Just in time for Valentine’s Day!

Let me introduce you to a dear colleague of mine, Dore’ Damelin of Dore’ Chocolatt. She has found a perfect way to enjoy this life enhancing superfood.

Chocolate is rich in Magnesium. B Vitamins, Serotonin and Dopamine. For sweetness we use the syrup of the agave cactus which does not raise blood sugar levels, therefore suitable for diabetes. Young coconuts are our milk of choice. Nature’s richest source of MCTs. which raise the body’s metabolism leading to weight loss.

Now loving yourself and treating yourself are one and the same. Chocolate is known for its sensual love vibration. It is a symbol of sensuality, pleasure, and sexuality.

Chocolate is the gift of lovers, it is a gift to our selves.

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