I’m Shining In Gold!

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I continue to be inspired by women who leave traditional jobs to pursue their passion. I had the pleasure of meeting Jewelry Designer Lynne Maiden of Laguna Beach who began her design business after a two and a half decade career in social work in Seattle.

What’s the common thread between psychotherapy & designing jewelry? Lynne has always helped people bring out their best!

Lynne’s Mission Statement

Goldnshine Jewelry is designed to light up the natural beauty we all hold inside. When we feel beautiful we tend to reflect our best. We are more joyous and appreciative of the world around us, more apt to be compassionate with others and ourselves.

When I hosted Hot & Sexy Money Mastery Mastermind, where I take a select group of “Beauty Maker’s” and give them a plan for their business Lynne generously offered her jewels for the special occasion. It was just the sparkle my white ruffled dress needed. I think you know: you don’t have to twist my arm when it comes to glitz & glam.

The line is so beautiful that I’m in talks with Lynne for GoldnShine to be the official jeweler of Ungenita Beauty International.

Goldnshine jewelry is made from materials chosen for qualities which convey our best and brightest. Gold is used as it is the most radiant of all metals, and the most precious.  The gold in Goldshine jewelry is exclusively 24k and comes in the form of vermeil, gold overlay, and gold cooper core. The gold copper core Goldnshine uses contains twice the gold of gold overlay. Each piece of Goldnshine jewelry comes with a guaranteed finish.  Unlike costume jewelry which has a thin gold plating, your piece is an investment that will endure with time.   Semiprecious gems and freshwater pearls are combined with chains and findings which will look their best with customary care.

Goldnshine joins other businesses that share in taking responsibility for confronting global concerns. Our work supports the Humane Society Of The United states in alleviating the plight of animals enduring unspeakable suffering every day of their lives.

If you’d like to stand out in style with Lynne’s beautiful jewels visit…http://www.goldnshine.com

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