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As much as I love perfume I thought I should add a fragrance line to my “To Do List”. I had the pleasure of meeting Sue Phillips of Scenterprises last month. Sue is a globally recognized expert in the fragrance, cosmetics and personal care fields; having held executive positions at Tiffany & Co., Lancôme and Elizabeth Arden.

Sue has launched and implemented product development, branding and promotional strategies for some of the world’s leading fragrance brands. She created the Tiffany and Tiffany for Men, Society by Burberry and Burberry for Men fragrances, and developed the original three eponymous Trish McEvoy fragrances.

Within the home fragrance arena, Sue collaborated with Diane Von Furstenberg on “Surroundings by DVF” for Avon, and also developed Avon’s “Beauty Begins at Home” Candle Collection, “Air so Clear” Home Freshener line, and Avon’s Health & Wellness Business.

For five years Sue acted as Adjunct Professor, Cosmetic & Fragrance Marketing at Fashion Institute of Technology (F.I.T.), training a new generation of fragrance marketers.

Sue serves as an expert witness on fragrance industry matters and is a contributing editor on fragrance trends for GLOW BEAUTY MAGAZINE, VUVUZELA, the new online South African magazine, and trade magazine HAPPI (Household & Personal Products Industry).  Her article about Morocco and Sensory Delights was featured in the Spring/Summer 2010 issue of GLOW, her most recent article about SENSORY HEALING – the Correlation between Smell and Taste appeared in the Fall/Winter 2010 issue.

Sue is a member of ISES (International Special Events Society) and CEW (Cosmetic Executive Women).  She is a frequent guest speaker at industry seminars and has appeared on Fox Business TV, KUSI TV, San Diego Living TV, and was named the “IT” Girl on

The Perfume Studio

Today, most designers and celebrities have their own namesake fragrance. So, why not a custom fragrance designed just for you?

There is no better way to express your unique taste and individuality than with your very own custom perfume. Creating and wearing a personal, bespoke fragrance using some of the world’s finest perfume blends is not only an affordable luxury, but also an experience that will last a lifetime.

Designed as a celebration of the senses, The Perfume Studio Custom Perfume Experience, is an intimate gathering for those who want to design their own distinctive fragrances. Much like a sommelier, a Fragrance Expert leads guests on a guided olfactory tour explaining the differences between fragrance categories and the sensory link between scent, memory and emotion.

Guests are taken on a ‘fragrance journey’ and presented with a range of exquisite perfume blends to ultimately create their optimal custom Signature fragrance. Their ‘formula’ is decanted immediately into their own designer purse spray or elegant men’s canister. Guests brand their creations by naming their fragrance and receive a certificate of registration. All formulas are stored in our database for ease of reordering.

The Scenterprises’ Perfume Studio experience can be enjoyed anywhere and anytime by individuals or corporations. With Fragrance Ambassadors across the country, they also offer this experience at your convenience in your home, your office, hotels and restaurants.

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