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Spread The Love
Spread The Love

What’s Love Got To Do With It. Who needs a heart when a heart can get broken. I remember the first time I heard that song by Tina Turner. Love it to this day. Love is definitely in the air. I thought I’d share a song that I wrote a short while ago.

“LOVE” (written by Ungenita Prevost)

Everybody wants to
Everybody needs to
Everybody gotta have love…
You know that you want to
You know that you need to
You know that you gotta give love…
No matter what we say
Sometimes we turn the other way
Keep it all locked up inside
Wondering why nobody ever ask why
Suppose they’re to read your mind
Time to stop denying you want another to show you some lovin’
Just a spoonful is enough to get you going
People are always trying to please
That ain’t a bad thing in actuality
It’s a reflection of a need
Reaching out to others
You are the only one who could use some lovin’
But try to get off the receiving end
And you will get much more joy by giving to another
Be lovin’ – Think about lovin’ – Give lovin’ – Grow lovin’
Act lovin’ and you will indeed feel lovin’
I know how to love – I know hot to show you to love
If you think love has never crossed your path
I will show you love is a one-way journey together…

Copyright © December 1998

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