Be You For A Living

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Where have you been?

Where are you now?

Where would you like to be?

Where will you end up if you continue your past and present behavior?

Today is the perfect day to determine what it will take to get you where you would like to be.

I was told at a very young age that I was different. I didn’t know what that meant because we are all different, right? After years of “worrying about what other people thought of me” & feeling like I had to morph into who other people wanted me to be. I now understand myself on a much deeper level and am able to live my life in a way that is finally meaningful and rewarding to me – the way I actually am instead of the way I always thought “I was supposed to be”. Many of the things that I would have changed about myself because I was teased or criticized for. I’ve now learned are s ome of my greatest attributes. Learning to relish in those abilities as well as how to properly manage and contain them has become a huge part of my strikingly improved personal and professional success. It feels good to just be me for a living.

Wouldn’t it be nice to be you for a living? Imagine spending every moment doing what you wanted to do & being who you wanted to be. You would look around & say I’m exactly where I want to be.  You would follow your heart every day rendering a beautiful life filled with happiness, health & financial security.

If you desire to be you for a living now is the time. It’s becoming more feasible for more people each and every day. We are in an era that allows us to express our unique gifts & talents while being paid handsomely. You may have a passion in your heart that you don’t know how to birth. It’s okay because the more you share your unique knowledge & explore the possibilities, a means to bring forth your desire will materialize. The Renaissance woman is back by popular demand.

Have you settled into a job you dislike? Doing what you love brings joys to all areas of your life. Sometimes we’re afraid to make the leap into something that we love for monetary reasons, but the payoff is always worth it in the end.

Hard work is worth pennies…

A few years ago I was stuck & felt like I wasn’t doing what I was supposed to be doing. Working hard showed no reward. I was working hard in the wrong livelihood- not using my innate talents and momentum to excel at what I was best at. I’m grateful we are in a time when working smarter is tres chic. My life was incongruent on multiple levels –i.e. mind, body, personal & professional. I took a turn within & immersed myself in personal growth.

Doing what you love gets you working eagerly and joyfully. People see me now living on purpose and always comment on my high energy level.  It’s a life filled with pure bliss. I’m admired for “working hard.” It looks like hard work because my rate of productivity has increased dramatically and because I’m doing what I love it’s not “hard work” just a smart way to have fun doing my life’s work.

What will it take for you to do what you want to do & be you for a living?

Why aren’t you doing what you really love? Why do we let our dreams & talents lie dormant? Sometimes, it has little or nothing to do with the dollar bill. Maybe it has to do with something internal to ourselves, our fear of failure, rejection or my all time favorite “worrying about what other people think”. In short, we need to question ourselves as to why we aren’t being who we were put on this earth to be.

Follow your passion…

You could very well spend a great deal of your time doing things for the benefit of others, yet you yourself do not reap any of the benefits or rewards. Sometimes those around us would love for us to remain the same for their own comfort & lack of growth.  If you do what others tell you to do…? You run the risk of getting only what they think you deserve, and not what you want, or more importantly, is in your best interest .

For those of us who were not born with a strong character, it takes real courage to act on what we value & feel in our hearts. Those that are truly successful achieve not only because they love what they do and are good at what they do, they consistently achieve great things because they have the courage to act on their convictions with passion.

Passion keeps you going
Passion takes the fears away
Passion cures procrastination

Having the courage to act on one’s convictions can be a bit scary.  I recommend getting to know yourself before you get busy being you for a living! Look within and ask yourself those tough questions. Why are you doing what you are doing, if it’s not what you love to do, why aren’t you doing what you love?

I’m here to tell you, you can be you for a living!

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