You Haven’t Worn A Stiletto Heel Like This

I love Stilettos and if you’re reading this blog. I’m sure you do too.

And you will be pleased to know I figured out a way to make your Stilettos work for you. Pretty Sexy, if you ask me.

My new book SellingINStilettos™ will be on a book shelf near you real soon BUT you can get your pretty little hands on the first chapter. How beautiful is that? Strut on over to

Remember, discounts are for the mall, life is not meant to be lived, half-off!


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  1. I’ve never seen Hellocotton, can you believe that? I got it all set up, but I can’t get my blog feed to show on my page. After an hour, I’m still stuck. Is there a tip you might give me to help?

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