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Jab, Reverse
Jab, Reverse

After putting my pursuit of a Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do on hold. I decided that I would take at least take two boxing/kickboxing classes a week. I love training at Equinox because they offer a variety of classes. One of my favorites is the Tuesday morning Boxing Boot camp at 6:30AM. You heard me right. I get up at 5:45AM for this class.

I always feel like Superwoman after boxing. It’s something about the punches, jabs, and blocks. A great stress reliever as well. I like to bring whatever is bothering me to the bag & this week I decided I would use affirmations for positive reinforcement when I took a punch. It’s definitely a mood enhancer & provides inner peace.

Whenever I think back to the times when I’m in the best shape I recall going to Boxing class. It’s Ungenita’s ultimate workout because you exercise both the upper and lower body. All muscle groups in your body are stimulated, giving you an overall more defined look. If you stick with it. Over time, you will notice more defined arms and legs, as well as a flat stomach & smaller waistline. Not to mention more flexibility, better resistance, endurance, and reflexes. Your heart will love it and you burn up to 500 Calories per hour. 1 hour sounds long but you won’t even notice it because your body is constantly moving & the routine is ever changing.

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  1. Get up and move that’s what I say . Walk, Run, jump, hop Dance, do something – just move.

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