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The Balance Ball
The Balance Ball

The very first time I used a balance ball I felt so uncoordinated but when I realized the benefits I wasn’t so quick to put it down. Instead of doing crunches on the floor or on a workout bench for hard core abs, try the balance ball. You will quickly notice that your abdominal muscles are engaged which will lead to a flatter stomach a lot sooner than traditional exercises.

7 Sexy Reasons To Play Ball 
1. Get Your Sexy Back – There’s nothing like sexy abs & if you combine this ball with cardio & a low fat diet look out.   
2. Flexibilit–  If you should so desire to get your stretching on the ball should be your BFF. It allows you to easily move into and move out of different stretching positions. After a workout you will feel so much better. 
3. Consistent Persistent –  The major muscles that helps stabilize and support all of your body movements are made up of the back and the deep abdominal muscles. With the ball, no matter how ‘deep’ or ‘into the core’ these muscles are, they are still exercised. This is something only the ball can guarantee. 
4. Fat Free – If you should so desire to use the ball on a regular bases, weight loss is in your immediate future. Any exercise that strengthens your muscles will help to reduce body fat. Most gyms have classes with the ball. Take a class for a full body workout. 

5. Beauty of Balance –  They don’t call it the balance ball for nothing. When you train with the ball you are utilizing additional muscles to maintain stability and balance. The harder you work the ball to balance. The alignment of your body parts improves tremendously. 
6. Girl Power –  As all the major muscle groups are exercised, tone, strength and endurance are improved. 
7. Back It Up –  Say Bye-Bye to back pain, the ball helps to alleviate back pain today & can prevent pain in the future.

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