Workout Wednesday

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Krav Maga

Years ago while training in Tae Kwon Do I also took classes at  Krava Maga Worldwide in Los Angeles. If you haven’t heard of Krav Maga I’m sure you are familiar with it. Jennifer Lopez did 95% of her stunts in the movie Enough because of her Krav Maga training. She gave a believable performance & stunt-doubles need not be credited because it was mostly JLo.

Krav Maga is a great work out and the drills are fantastic. I had so much fun & learned some awesome self defense techniques. Avoid falling into a fitness rut by trying something new and exotic like Krav Maga; Capoiera, a 500 year-old Brazilian dance developed by African slaves; or Masala Bhangra. The traditional Indian dance workout set to hip-hop and rap music.

Remember exercise slows the aging clock. Every time I think about that it motivates me. Hope it motivates you to bring out the beauty in YOU.

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