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Artist Kristie Fujiyama
Artist Kristie Fujiyama


I have been collecting Art for about 10 years now. Mostly abstract oil paintings. As far as I’m concerned Art is a necessary component of beautifying one’s home. It can be a painting , print, poster or any object that resonates with you. Art also adds character to any space. Everyone’s taste is different so what you like may not be what everyone else does…and that’s okay. Similar to your wardrobe. It’s best to make it your own.

I visit galleries often so I’m always thrilled to meet a new artist. I was introduced to Artist Kristie Fujiyama Kosmides of PAINTonPURPOSE at an event that I went to at The Law Of Attraction Center in Irvine, CA. She portrays masterful visual representations of you that reflect your inner desires, beauty and power into the canvas. If you value the idea of manifesting your soul’s purpose, allow Kristie to introduce to you how the power of visualization and reflection in art can transform your life. Kristie shared a secret with me that you may not know. What you focus on and see everyday is a reflection of who you are and continually creates who you become. How powerful is that. If you wish to view some of her gorgeous pieces


Kristie also created a social networking group Savvy Play. Members are invited by invitation because of their passion to live an extraordinary life. 

Meet positive people, make connections, share insights, network, inspire, give thanks and PLAY.

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