Why are Beauty & Fashion Professionals Raving About Ungenita?

Testimonial from Los Angeles Based Esthetician Kimberly King:

Ungenita has been a great help to me in directing me in my business. She has been able to guide me, by providing the proper strategies in achieving successful results. I am a Licensed Esthetician and Ungenita shared with me the importance in having a tag line, a newsletter, creating a brand for my business and how to obtain greater financial success, by providing a series of treatments to my clients. I took her Mastermind Coaching class, during which Ungenita supplied me with great information that I could take with me and apply to my business. She is very personable in her approach, a great listener, and very patient. Ungenita will not give up on you and she will see to it that your dreams and desires for your business come to fruition. With Ungenita your dreams become a reality! I found her to be professional, straight to the point and direct on what needed to be done to guarantee success, but at the same time, she is gentle and very much a lady in her manner. Ungenita truly has her clients success at heart and her passion for what she does is evident! I would highly recommend her as a Life and Business Coach for those entrepreneurs in the Beauty, Fashion, Wellness, and Entertainment Industries.
Kimberly King/Licensed Esthetician.

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