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Strike A Pose
Strike A Pose

It is time for my dental check up. The dentist oh no. You can’t have the beauty if you are not well. I understand the value of those check ups & am thankful that I’ve had health insurance via The Screen Actors Guild to keep my teeth pearly white/healthy gums. I often say antioxidants are like health insurance. Taking them daily insures a healthier body from the inside/out. However that does not mean one should be without health insurance. I spoke to my Insurance Agent & asked her the simple question. Colleen so many ladies say I’m healthy, why do I need health insurance? It’s great to get a professional opinion. Here’s Colleen’s answer.


But I’m healthy, why do I need health insurance?

So you’re living right—eating right, exercising regularly, drinking either in moderation or not at all, you’re doing everything right. Why do you need health insurance?

Let me ask you another question; what’s the one thing you can’t get when you need it the most? Health insurance or any other type of insurance. The idea is you buy insurance in case something happens, not after it actually does. Let’s say a friend has a house and as wants you to take care of it because they travel a lot. The house is in good shape, nothing needed and she will pay you $250 per month, all inclusive. Not a problem right? The house is in good shape, it will only need a little thing here and there on occasion, so you’ll come out ahead, or at least even. But would you take that deal if the roof needed to be replaced? Odds are, no.

Same thing with health insurance. People ask me frequently if the health insurance companies only want healthy people. In a way, yes, but that’s not reasonable. They will take people with certain health issues at an above standard rate. But when you want to buy an insurance plan for $250 a month, you have high blood pressure and your medication costs $500, that’s usually when there’s a problem. Would you take a deal where right out the gate it will cost you more than you will get?

The people we have the toughest time convincing that they need it are what one carrier called the ‘young invincible’s a couple years back. Those of you in your 20’s and 30’s who are healthy and indestructible. People in that age bracket don’t tend to develop chronic type medical problems, they are the ones that have accidents. Skiing accidents, knee injuries while playing basketball, car accidents, that type of thing. Those of in their mid 40’s and up develop the ongoing types of health issues.

The theory is that if more of the healthy younger people would enroll in health care plans, it would eventually help bring down the cost of health insurance for everyone. But for all ages, at least until this mortgage/foreclosure disaster, the leading cause of home foreclosures was exorbitant medical bills. Talk about a monkey on your back that you could have avoided!

So look into a health plan soon if you don’t have one, before you need a new roof. Be well!

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