Wearing the Latest Hair Trends to Work

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By: Aleya Bamdad of Long Island Beauty School in New York

Hair trends aren’t necessarily as forward as beauty trends so you’ll have an easier time showing off your favorite hairdo at work. In fact, many of the latest hairstyles are office friendly and look great on anyone. Before I give you some tips on ways that you can wear your favorite hair trends to work I just want to remind you that these tips are generally aimed at people who work in professional offices. If you work in a creative office you’re a lucky woman who can get away with more daring styles.

Braids- Rather than try out a maiden braid or braided pig tails, you can wear your braid in a bun. This way, you’ll still have the decoration of the braid as well as the look of a professional. Of course if you work in a creative field you can go ahead and wear your braids any way you want.

Pin Straight Hair– You really can’t go wrong with pin straight hair. Whether you’re a secretary or an engineer you’ll be able to carry this look off easily- just be sure to carry some hair oil with you on humid days so that you can control frizz.

Buns– This hair style gets a little tricky because there are so many versions of it. In order to look trendy as well as professional, I would recommend going with a ballerina bun or a slightly larger bun. While the oversized buns that sit high on your head are in style right now, these buns are pretty cutting edge as far as style goes and are too over the top for many professional offices. It’s also a good idea to keep your hair sleek because wispy hair may look romantic, but romantic looks aren’t necessarily welcome in many offices.

The Bob– There are several different bobs for you to choose from and they’re all pretty much suitable for work. If you choose a bob for your next style, be sure to use one of the styles that don’t make you look like a teenager. While you may want to look younger you still want to look mature enough to get considered for a higher up position. The length of your bangs or the shortness of the sides will really depend on your personal preference as well as the industry you work in.

Color– Unless you don’t want to be taken seriously at work and even possibly get fired, do not channel your inner Rhianna and color your hair a bright unnatural color. If you want to color your hair for any reason at all, be sure to select a color that looks as natural as possible.

All things considered, looking neat and put together is always a good idea no matter which industry you’re in.

This post was written by Aleya Bamdad who writes the blog for a beauty school in New York City that has locations throughout New York and Florida.

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