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One of the things that I’ve learned in today’s economy you can’t wait for your success you have to go out there & get it. I met Linda Hollander, the founder of the Women’s Small Business Expo, also known as the Wealthy Bag Lady & she invited me to her event. She’s a seasoned entrepreneur  20 years in the bag and is the author of the best selling, Bags to Riches: 7 Success Secrets for Women in Business, one of the only books that shows entrepreneurial women how to start and succeed in their own businesses.

Linda’s story started out like Cinderella before she went to the ball. She was buried in debt & poverty stricken. With her best friend Sheryl Felice they launched a packaging business called The Bag Ladies which sells custom-printed paper and plastic bags to leading-edge companies. She made every mistake and faced every business obstacle imaginable. Since The Bag Ladies is one of the only women-owned packaging firms in the country, women were attracted to her business. 

Her business soared with clients including Gold’s Gym, City of Hope, Union Bank, ASCAP, Powerade, Kaiser Permanente, IBM, Spelling Television, Edison, Variety, Ocean Spray,  Disney, Cisco Systems, Mattel, Universal Studios, Nissan, Yamaha, Sony, Dunn Edwards Paints, Sanyo Fisher, Infiniti, Avery Dennison, Day Runner, Columbia Tri Star, CBS, Robinson’s May, Casio Phone Mate, Sears and Revlon. 

Linda immediately garnered female fans across America because Bags to Riches was the first book they felt really spoke to them and it changed their lives forever beyond business. Linda saw this an opportunity to mentor women in business but after realizing a need for a forum where they could meet and learn from the world’s leading business experts, talk one-on-one with mentors, network with other entrepreneurs, form success teams, create lasting connections and have fun. The Women’s Small Business Expo was born.

Bags to Riches Book
Bags to Riches Book

I will be attending this event today. It’s  another opportunity for me to connect with female entrepreneurs. If you are interested in growing your business I strongly suggest attending seminars & workshops.  Remember this is the time to invest in self. You  can have the beauty but when you have the brains to go with it you will be unstoppable. That’s how I have catapulted my business in more ways than one. In the mean time check out some facts about women in business & the next time you get the opportunity to surround yourself with amazing women jump at the chance as if it were a 75% off sale.

Did you know? 

• Women are starting businesses at twice the rate of men. 

• Currently there are over 10.6 million women-owned businesses employing 19.1 million people and generating $2.5 trillion in sales. 

• Women make or influence over 80% of all purchasing decisions. 

• Business growth is the #1 concern of business owners. 

• By 2010 women will have the majority of wealth in America. 

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