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Six Steps to Responsibility…and Freedom
By: David Neagle

Are you ready to put yourself in a situation where nobody else is responsible for your income or how you feel?

Are you ready to be free?

As I’ve been telling you over the past few weeks, all you have to do is take complete responsibility for every thought you think, every feeling you have, every action you take and every result.

What does that look like?

If you are angry or resentful, you realize that no one “made” you feel that way. You chose to feel that way. If your business isn’t where you want it to be, you don’t blame the economy. You look at where you are hindering the flow.

Taking responsibility isn’t always easy to do, but it is worth the effort. Here are six action steps to help you get started.

Step 1: Eliminate blame from your life.

If you’re blaming a person or situation you’re giving them the power to make you miserable. So look at yourself and:

a. Make a list of any people or situations where you are currently assigning blame.

b. Ask yourself: “Why am I choosing to feel this way? How is it serving me to blame?”

c. If you find that you’re still defending your right to blame, identify your part in the situation. Don’t write down what the other person did. Write down what you did.

For instance, if you blame your spouse for leaving you, recall that you were not supportive of his or her dream.

Then the next time the blame tape starts playing, remember your role and turn it off.

Step 2: Free yourself from your story.

What is the story you tell about your situation or the things that have happened to you?

If you’re not sure, listen to yourself the next time you’re seeking help. Or imagine asking me a question. Pay attention to the words you use to ask the question or describe the situation.

Now, ask yourself, “If I had the power to completely change or let go of my story, how would that change my life right now?” Imagine how free you would be.

Step 3: Ask yourself: “If I were totally empowered, how would that change my business? How would that change my personal life?”

If you took responsibility for everything, you would have complete power over yourself, your faculties, your resources, everything in your world.

Let yourself imagine how transforming that would be.

Step 4: Ask yourself: “Is there anything I fear by taking responsibility?”

Don’t just answer “No” or “Yes.” Really give it some thought.

If you fear something, why do you fear it? How could you be empowered by it instead?

For instance, you may fear letting go of a relationship because you’d be alone. Imagine, instead, how you could be empowered by being alone. Picture yourself in that situation.

Step 5: Understand the meaning of, “I am responsible to others but not for them.”

If you’re a coach, consultant or teacher, it’s your responsibility to deliver the best guidance you can, but you’re not responsible if your clients or students don’t follow your advice. If you produce a product that works well, but your customers don’t use it, that’s not your responsibility.

Step 6: Take responsibility for all basic survival needs, such as money, food, bills, etc.

Many people are dependent upon a spouse, parent, child or some entity to take care of them. They screw themselves up psychologically by giving that power away.

Search your life for any area where you have ceded that control and take it back.

For instance, if your spouse has always paid the bills, take them over for a year. Feel how empowering it is to take care of your own basic needs.

Taking responsibility requires vigilance and introspection. But if you did this exercise, you imagined the payoff: Your life, business and income are completely in your hands; total freedom from the opinions and control of others.

Taking responsibility for every thought, feeling, action and result is the key to your prosperity and happiness.

It is the path of liberation. And you can start on that path today.

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