Ungenita Is In The Mile High “Heels” Club

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Two things that I love High Heels AND Big Business. A Billion Thanks to Susan Bencivenga for inviting me into Milehigh Heelsinc

Founder Susan Bencivenga created a site dedicated to traditional women owned businesses!


Our mission is simple…We help people know themselves, understand others, and connect well in community.


We are truly in the business of supporting women in business by offering advertising, marketing AND we offer personal and professional development opportunities as well for our paying business advertising with us! This new concept is taking shape as we speak, we are working hard on developing our website and our sales platform! We are looking forward to our growth moving out of Colorado and reaching new and exciting territories all over!


We are a support, education, and community group for traditional women owned small businesses.


We provide business owners with the tools needed for success through relationship building, personal and professional development, advertising, referrals, and community gatherings.


We are not a leads group, and we do not accept multi-level marketing or direct sales groups to be a part of Mile High Heels’ Community Partners. However, we do *not* limit our business members by industry, and ANYONE can sign up for a FREE membership with Mile High Heels. Membership provides a person with:


Access to ALL community events


Access to opt-in to the Mile High Heels newsletter


Access to live personal and professional development phone conferences with Trey Malicoat of the Bold Life Project


A Mile High Heels Membership card, giving you access to great deals and big discounts at businesses that are MHH Community Partners


Mile High Heels, Inc.
High Altitude Connections Through Community


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