Top Ten Tuesday

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top ten10 Ways To Save $1000.00

  1. Cut the monthly cable TV & read a book instead to save $50.00 per month
  2. Make your cell phone your primary phone or have a basic plan for your home line to save $50.00 per month
  3. Stop letting your computer run and run and run, to save $500-$700 per year. Choose stand- by mode instead.
  4. A full refrigerator will save you money on energy because your refrigerator uses more energy when it’s empty. When you keep your refrigerator stocked with healthy food you save money by dining in. It’s also healthier to whip up your own recipes.
  5. Put an end to all of those coffee cups by cutting the caffeine out completely. It’s not good for the health of your cells & the planet. The average coffee drinker spends $5.00 a day imagine how much money could be saved in a month $140.00.
  6. To save $100.00 read your electric bill for energy saving tips. Many companies offer incentives for energy saving appliances & using energy during “off peak” hours.
  7. Buy designer handbags at discount stores to save $200-$500.
  8. Drink water & cut the sodas as well as the alcohol to save at least $100 per month.
  9. Do your own manicures/pedicures/facials to save a minimum of $100 per month.
  10. Organize your errands efficiently by grouping them together to save money on gas.

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