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Ali Magazine
Ali Magazine

Many of you know that Alexandria Brown was the inspiration behind the beauty brand. She is an extraoridinary woman & I gain so much insight listening to her. One of the reasons she resonates with me is because she stands in her authenticity. In a business world dominated by men she has catapulted to the top while maintaining her femininity. I’ve always had big dreams & wanted to be successful but I often thought I would have to sacrifice the “Real Ungenita”. Not anymore I wake up everyday being me. It’s exhausting trying to conform & be something you are not. On my dream board right now is Impressive Living. One might interpret that I want to impress but it’s so far from the truth. I actually want to impress upon my subconscious mind that my lifestyle needs to be impressive to ME!

Alexandria Brown noted “the lifestyle I have today only came to me because I found the courage to THINK BIG, even years ago”

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“5 Steps to Thinking Big and Living Grand”
by Ali Brown      
I know what it’s like to think that the lifestyle I want is out of reach. Just 10 years ago, I would lie on my bed in my tiny 400-square-foot studio apartment and flip through magazines, wishing I could have the luxurious lifestyles I read about.
Despite that negative, nagging voice in my head that reminded me I could barely afford rent, I’m now living a beautiful life I created for myself from scratch. Instead of moping around an apartment I can barely afford, I now have the means to travel and to inspire others. Last year I took a solo retreat to Maui, and this year I vacationed at an exclusive beach resort in Cabo San Lucas.   

How’d I do it? By deciding not to settle for being average and thinking BIG. Changing your mindset can be a challenge, but the rewards are well worth the cost. Here’s how you can get started…

1. Eliminate negativity. This includes negative self-talk, too. Why would the universe bring you a better life if you don’t appreciate what you already have? Show gratitude for everything in your life now. Those seemingly bad days happen for a reason, so whenever you find yourself thinking, “I can’t do this” or “that’s impossible,” reframe it as the opposite. “I can do that, that is possible…” You owe it to yourself to give yourself the love and support you need to succeed.

2. Document your dreams. Earlier this year, I wanted to manifest a new house, so I listed all of the qualities in my dream home: a 3-car garage, workout room, walk-in closets… (Don’t censor yourself! Anything is possible, even if it seems silly now.) I also bought some real estate magazines, cut out pictures of homes I love, and created a collage. I’m constantly updating my “dream board,” which is now proudly displayed in my new house!

3. Surround yourself ONLY with supportive people. I only shared my house dream with friends and family I knew would support my decision. (NOT those prone to phrases like “Are you crazy? Who do you think you are? Ms. Trump?”) Your true friends and family will be happy to share in your dream. If you don’t have anyone else to support you, then it’s time to make new friends – join a networking group or a mastermind.

4. Decide, believe, and watch for clues. It’s not enough to make a decision to work towards your dreams. You must also truly believe in them! Don’t worry about HOW your dreams will manifest themselves. Watch for clues, and the HOW will find you, perhaps in the form of a new business partner or a new client. But remember that the dream comes before the HOW.

5. ACT on opportunities when they appear. Action involves risk. You might have to hire more people to help with a new client. You’ll need time to research that prospective business partner. Or figure out how to hire that amazing new mentor. But it’s up to YOU to take action when the path is revealed. The universe is supporting you, and each step will bring you closer to your dreams.

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