The G-L-A-M-O-R-O-U-S Life

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Once upon a time there was a song, The Glamorous Life by Sheila E.? I loved that song. It’s probably one of the reasons glamour is instilled in my brain. So what does it take to live a glamorous life?  The lyrics resonate with me “she’s got a lot on her mind, big thoughts & big dreams”. Sounds like most of the women I know but I think it’s important to take those big thoughts and big dreams and bring them to fruition. You should be focused like a bullet in flight to make your dreams come true.  The bullet analogy might sound scary but when you’re not focused you live your life like a damsel in distress. How daunting is that?

It’s time to live exceptionally well. Demand quality without compromise. You were designed to master life in its every phase. You don’t have to compromise, settle for less, or believe you can&rsq uo;t have it all. The word compromise is not sexy & frankly pretty ugly if it’s a standard you’ve set in your life. No more! Go after what you want & believe you can get it!

The Lifestyle of The Rich & Famous is something most of us have envied. However, envy can be a force for good-if you allow it to further propel you to pursue your goals aggressively. Who hasn’t pondered champagne wishes & caviar dreams? Okay maybe not caviar but opulence & luxury is captivating & if it wasn’t it wouldn’t be a hot topic. So instead of glaring at someone else’s life. It’s time to rock your own red carpet.

The Velvet Rope Test

What you bring into your life should be worthy of a standing ovation. If it’s not it might be time to reassess your core values. Only the best of the best should past the red velvet rope test. Imagine more beauty, luxury & glam our in your life. It’s not as farfetched as you might think. It’s a lifestyle you create & it starts with making a decision as fast as a New York Minute. Brings me back to the song by The Eagles “In a New York minute Everything can change”. You have the power to alter what’s in your life right now that’s not pleasing to the eye.
You might say well I’m not into the glitz & the glam. The word glamorous is subjective just like the word beauty. What’s glamorous to me may not be glamorous to you but we both have dreams of a certain lifestyle whether it’s to not have to worry about money & buy what you want, to be able to enjoy fine dining or gourmet meals, to have a eco-friendly home, a career where you profit from your passion, donate to your favorite charity, traveling to exotic locations, surrounding yourself with great friends/forward thinkers , to wake up every day in an environment that uplifts and inspires you. Aspire to live on a grand scale on your own terms. That’s glamorous!

Free Your Mind, Get Clear & Live Free

Beauty is a mindset & the foundation to make your world magnificent. Be bold & be you. If you’ve ever uttered its impossible remember the impossible is possible.  It’s not a far cry if you tap into your true potential. You have more potential within you than you can use in 100 lifetimes & the more you use the more is revealed to you. It starts with stretching yourself & cultivating that which is in you. When you do you can go after everything you want & if it happens to be a Mercedes Benz, a House on the beach or a shopping spree on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills so be it.

You can lead the Glamorous Life without a man’s touch. You’re probably a girl that has a l ot o n your mind with no time for boys with small talk and small minds. I love that song!

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