The Beauty & The Berry Tuesday

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Acai Berry
Acai Berry

Beauty From The Inside Out  
How many times have you heard you are what you eat…Sounds cliché but studies now suggest it’s not a wise tale. Ladies & some gentlemen in America are known to spend billions of dollars each year on skin-care products packed with grandiose promises. You heard about the $1,000.00 miracle cream for a gorgeous glow. Whether for cosmetic or health reasons, your skin needs to be cared for and preserved. It’s your first line of defense against the environment & the largest organ in your body. Some of the most inexpensive beauty treatments are at your fingertips. You can easily obtain the Fountain of Youth for under $5.00 a day by incorporating beautiful fruits high in Anti-Oxidants/Phytonutrients in your diet.

 The Berry That Packs A Punch

If you are serious about your skin start your day off with Acai. It’s the crème de la crème of fruit. If it were a  handbag it would be a Gucci or Louis Vuitton. If it were a car it would be a Lamborghini or a Ferrari. It holds the coveted title “superfruits” which are whole fruits that have extraordinary nutrition. There’s no greater wealth than the health of your body & the beauty of your face. Let’s break the berry down inside/out.

Polyphenolic Flavonoids– I can’t pronounce it so here’s the short version. Polyphenols are antioxidant compounds shown to have anti-inflammatory, anti-allergenic, and immune-stimulatory properties. Eczema & Rosacea are fueled by inflammation. Acai should be your first level of defense for such conditions.  It has Vitamins– Packed with Vitamin A (by way of beta carotene): Vitamins B1, B2 and B3; Vitamin C; and Vitamin E. These vitamins help boost the immune system. I’m sure it’s the reason I haven’t had a cold since I implemented Acai in my diet. These vitamins also improve cellular function, and help reduce inflammation in connective tissues. Studies suggest high doses of Vitamin C are your best defense against many skin diseases.

Amino Acids-Many may not be aware but 19 essential & non essential amino acids are found in Acai, which is equivalent to all the essential amino acids and the protein profile of an average egg. Mandatory for your skin health are amino acids’ collagen-producing properties.increase of collagen helps create more resilient skin, plump up fines lines, and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. This reason along should get you fired up about Acai. I can’t find any lines or wrinkles on my face. Would you like to know why?

Essential Fatty Acids-I love olive oil & use it in my hair & on my skin. The content of healthy fats in Acai has been said to mirror (when you have beautiful skin it’s your best friend) that of olive oil. Esterified Fatty Acids help make cell membranes more supple (time to get carded). AKA as EFAs they also help in the movement & absorption of fat-soluble vitamins like Vitamins A, E, D, and K. There is a correlation between those that consume healthy fats found in Olive Oil & healthy skin. When we think of Omega’s we think of Fish. Have you ever taken Fish Supplements? Not nice I know. Well the EFA’s found in Acai (Omega-6 and Omega-9) aid in the absorption of Omega-3 which has anti-inflammatory qualities.

This is where the rubber meets the inflammation road. Inflammation will accelerate the aging process. There’s no ifs, ands or berries about it. I have followed the works of dermatologist Dr. Nicholas Perricone. In his book he states” We need good fats, such as those found in Acai. Ladies the “good fats” will help you keep your cells supple, skin glowing, wrinkle-free, your mood in check & a sharp mind. I’d like to end with this. These are only fats you should embrace daily. Your skin will be glad you did.

Got Juice

With the functional beverage industry exploding one can no longer argue that the body absorbs liquids faster and more effectively than solids. According to the Physician’s Desk Reference, “only 10-20 percent of vitamins and minerals in…pill form is absorbed by the human body”. You can drink your way to more beautiful skin & you can drink your way to a thinner, sexier you. Bottom line if you are in the 95% that aren’t eating the recommended daily allowance of fruits you might want to add juicing to your “To Do List”.

Superior Preference

Buyers beware…not all Acai Juice products are created equal. Most are air or spray dried which diminishes the nutritional content of the berry. I chose The Premiere Acai Blend with 18 additional wild/organic fruits that work synergistically with the berry. The freeze-dried patent pending process allows me to get the antioxidant equivalent of 13 servings of wild & organic fruit daily by drinking 2 ounces in the AM & 2 ounces in the PM with added liquid glucosamine. If you had an orchard in your backyard you would still not be able to duplicate this process. Many of the exotic fruits including Acai aren’t available in North America. Here’s the skinny on my juice

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