The Beautiful Thought Syndrome Thursday

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The Beautiful Thought Syndrome™

What would the world be like if there were no mirrors? Would we even care how we looked? Would we let our beauty dictate how we felt about ourselves?

I’ve lived my whole life seeking perfection. After high school, I went to a beauty college to become an aesthetician, in hopes of learning the secrets of how to preserve my youth. I was committed to a lifetime of looking good, but I had yet to truly accept myself by recognizing my inner beauty.

My studies focused on skincare. I gained an understanding of how product ingredients affect the skin, as well as waxing techniques and makeup application. I became motivated to take even better care of my skin, and developed skills that would establish the groundwork for my future entertainment career.

When I began working as a Hollywood actress and body double, I had to look in the mirror every day, since that’s how I made my living. My career forced me to face the insecurities I had concerning my looks. It was fun playing dress-up every week, because once the lights and cameras rolled, it felt like I was entering a world of make-believe. I had the perfect hair, makeup, and wardrobe. But after the director yelled “Cut!” I would revert back to feeling too thin or too fat. You’d think that being successful would have made it easier to accept myself, but I never felt beautiful enough.

I wasn’t alone in feeling this way. Being a body double is like being a shadow. I learned a lot from the actresses I shadowed, and I soon realized that when it came to physical beauty, everyone I’d thought was so perfect had her own challenges and struggles. We were all so focused on external beauty, we’d forgotten its foundation – the beauty that comes from within.

Now, don’t get me wrong – it’s great to have style and a healthy body image. We can’t, however, get so obsessed that we become unhealthy, or forget the importance of taking care of our minds and souls. We must work the inside just as much as the outside. This is the idea behind what I call TBS, or “The Beautiful Thought Syndrome.” If you’re striving to stay beautiful, but your words and actions are not synonymous with living a beautifully successful life from the inside out, you could very well be suffering from TBS.

If you want to change this self-defeating thinking and behavior, replacing it with effective action and results, then you must go all the way to the top: inside your mind. When your mind is right, you will be driven to make better choices for yourself. You are more powerful than any cosmetic company, fashion brand, dermatologist, or cosmetic surgeon.

Once you determine what you want externally, you must begin by guiding yourself internally – directing your thoughts into actions to become what you desire. Have the wisdom to realize that maintaining this deeper form of beauty takes practice. And practice doesn’t make perfect – it makes permanent.

Let’s say you want to be fit. You must first decide the most healthful way to obtain your goal weight. Instead of going on a severe diet or turning to weight-loss pills, you would seek ways to nourish yourself by adopting healthy eating habits. Several years ago, I was enlightened by the respective work of scientists Dr. Alexander Schauss and Dr. Nicholas Perricone, who both focus on beauty at the cellular level. This is a perfect example of working on beauty from the inside out. If your vision of beauty includes having great skin, it’s important to have some understanding about the cellular structure of the epidermis, and realize that a clear, healthy complexion is not developed superficially from the outside, but strengthened by what you put inside.

If you apply this way of thinking to your fashion sense, you’ll never become a fashion victim or trend chaser. You’ll understand there needs to be a synergy between your wardrobe and your body image. Instead of polluting your thoughts by trying to implement someone else’s style, you’ll be aware that one size doesn’t fit all. This is the key to selecting a style that’s original and made exclusively for you – knowing your body type as well as being confident in your body.

Putting your thoughts to work for you will lead you to create the beautiful life you want, not only in terms of physical beauty, but in your relationships as well. For instance, if you’re seeking the right relationship with the opposite sex, you will know to work on yourself first. So if you’re looking for a man that’s “all that,” you’ll need to make sure you’re “all that” and more before you even think about him.

Maybe you’d like to have a personal space that is truly your sanctuary. With your new way of thinking, you’ll now understand that clutter and lack of organization do not serve you mentally, and could very well be blocking your energy. You can then take steps to eliminate the mess, freeing yourself to live in the clean, balanced environment you deserve.

It’s time to start making one of the most lucrative investments you’ll ever make by investing in yourself. You’re the best asset you have. Never forget that true beauty isn’t about vanity – it’s about valuing yourself. The secret to genuine beauty is having an unconditional commitment to perfecting your potential.

How beautiful are you? Are you just as beautiful on the inside as the outside?

Three Simple Steps To Cure Yourself of “The Beautiful Thought Syndrome” and Take Beauty Action:

1. Affirmations – By reading daily affirmations aloud, it will be easier for you to mentally shift to positive thoughts and healthier self-perceptions.

2. The Law Of Association – When you surround yourself with people who are living exemplary lives, you can’t help but be inspired and motivated to be the best you can be.

3. Nutricity For Beauty –- Make your feast fashionable by adding fruits rich in Phytonutrients to your meals. The healthier you are on the inside cellular level, the more exponentially your beauty will grow on the outside.

Nutricity For Beauty –- Make your feast fashionable by adding fruits rich in Phytonutrients to your meals. The healthier you are on the inside cellular level, the more exponentially your beauty will grow on the outside.

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  1. I really like this. May I offer a suggestion? Your affirmations will be more quickly realized if you write it down. Preferable upon arising or just before going to bed. When you are in the Alpha state the subconscious mind is more receptive to change.

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