Take Off Mascara Tuesday

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I remove my make with Pond's
I remove my make with Pond's

I love my eyes & it’s the area that I accentuate the most. Eye shadow, eyeliner & mascara can be found in my beauty bag. If you wear Mascara, especially the waterproof variety you might agree it can be extremely hard to get off without damaging your eyes. So I wanted to share a classic make up remover that I use Pond’s Deep Cleanser & Make-up Remover with Cucumber Extract.


Dermatologist Testd, Won’t Clog Pores & It’s Light As Well As Non-Greasy

Cleans down to the pores to remove oil, impurities & all of your make-up

Leaves Skin Soft & Smooth by adding back essential moisture without leaving a residue.

I love the yummy scent that leaves your skin feeling refreshed. Beauty doesn’t have to break the bank!

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