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Life's A Beach
Life's A Beach

Out with the old….In with the new…I have lived in the valley for nearly a decade & have been yearning to move to a more tranquil area. I started going to the beach to get clarity & really enjoyed walking in the sand & the peacefulness of it. Not to mention a lot of my business is now on the Westside. My mentor is in Malibu, AMA is in Santa Monica, Beauty Events & AGAPE. So while visiting a friend I stumbled upon an amazing place. I checked it out on Monday & went down to the pier & felt so renewed. My new stomping grounds Marina Del Rey,CA. So after being a Valley Girl for so many years I am going to be a Beach Babe (it sounds cute). I’m so excited.

Surroundings are important to me. I’ve always made my home my sanctuary. Is your environment serving you. I thought I would share this with you today.

6 Ways To Create Your Own Sanctuary

1. Instead of having the TV going listen to peaceful music

2. Ignite your senses with aromatherapy candles

3. Organization will make you feel like you are on top of the world

4. Make it personal with positive anchors (photos, mementos, fresh flowers)

5. Let go of anything that is not serving you

6. Take time to create a space that makes you feel good- stop putting it off

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