Slam Dunk Saturday

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For the record I’m not fanatic about sports though I have cheerleading uniforms to prove that I’ve got team spirit. I wanted to audition for the Laker Girls years ago but decided to take my career in a different direction. Recently I’ve been drawn to watch the Los Angeles Lakers. Why? Because of Kobe Bryant; I’m sure that’s not a surprise. Yes he’s Tall. Dark & Handsome but you know why I‘m impressed by him. His diligence…his winning mentality…his you can not break me persona. I would love to pick his brain. I strongly feel he could offer some insight on what it takes to be a true champion. He’s always been a great player but he’s gotten better over the years & some attribute it to coach Phil Jackson. No matter how great he is, the world’s greatest basketball player in my opinion has a coach. Top achievers know that to really get ahead and create peak performance, they must have a coach. This goes beyond basketball, high achievers in any field have coaches and they always achieve more than those who don’t. Observe anyone at the top of their game and their “top secret” will be the same – they have all had someone to guide, counsel and give them direction – and most likely it was a coach. Halle Berry attributed her Oscar winning performance to her acting coach. Tiger Woods speaks of the coach that pushes his golf game & there’s someone that coached a Senator who is now The President Of The United States Of America.


So if you’re thinking this is not for me. I’m not on that level. Let me use myself as an example. I have several coaches that I work with consistently & I can not tell you how it has allowed me to make quantum leaps in my life. Ungenita Beauty Blog was an idea that I had been dancing with for months but thanks to my Media coach Gayl Murphy who said to me on a Wednesday that the blog needed to be up by the weekend. I jumped on it. If I had not received such delegation I would still be debating on what color pink it should be & would have missed out on all the publicity & business it’s generated. What’s the missing link in your personal or professional life? If you would like to advance your dreams I highly recommend getting a mentor/coach. I promise you will be glad you did & your life will become even more beautiful. In the mean time the next time you watch a Laker Game with 7 seconds remaining on the clock & Kobe Bryant makes the game winning shot. Remember the man that’s led more teams to Championships in NBA History…Coach Phil Jackson. For a slam dunk life it might be time to hire a coach. To find out more about Billion Dollar Beauty Coaching to sparkle up your world from the inside/out stay tuned…

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