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The Egg White Mask
The Egg White Mask

If you have been looking for a beauty bail out. I have found one for you. In fact I have been doing this for years. Egg on your face. You heard about eggs whites to burn fat but egg whites actually firms your skin, can help to treat oily skin, reduces swelling & redness. If you suffer from acne it’s definitely worth the try. If you were to go to the grocery store & buy a half a dozen eggs it will cost about $3.00. If you were to use 3 eggs for a facial mask that’s a .50 cent Facelift.

The recipe is simple. Slightly crack open an egg, separate the whites into a bowl & mix with a fan brush until they form a foam. Apply to a clean dry face. Sit still for 15 minutes as the mask will harden. Remove with warm water, rinse thoroughly & pat dry. Finalize your treatment by immediately applying your moisturizer.

You can have beauty & keep your money in the bank!

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