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Dinner For Inner Beauty
Dinner For Inner Beauty

If you are chowing down or dressing up understanding the color palette is essential if you want to look better & feel better. Why might you ask? It’s important to make your wardrobe pop & your feast fashionable. Coloring your diet makes for beautiful cells which are the foundation for beauty from the inside/out.

No matter breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner phytonutrients should be on the menu. Phytonutrients protect your body and fight disease. Have you ever wondered how plants stay so healthy. They don’t wear sunscreen or a raincoat; they don’t go to the doctor. The answer: they make their own disease-fighting chemicals called phytochemicals AKA – phytos for short. The same Phytonutrients that help keep plants healthy keep your body healthy. Phytonutrients provide the components to keep your cells beautiful via internal health. They help the cells repair themselves by stimulating the release of protective enzymes or those that rebuild damaged cells. Other Phytonutrients inhibit cancer-producing substances, reducing their ability to damage cells. When the repair squad can stay ahead of the damage, degenerative diseases, such as multiple sclerosis and arthritis, can’t get started. Phytonutrients keep cancer and cardiovascular disease in check. 

Beauty Tip Of The Day: The only place you can get phytonutrients are from plants. If you are not eating enough plants you will age at an accelerated pace. Unless you are in a hurry to see 30,40 or 50 I highly suggest coloring your diet.Bon Appetit!

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