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Refreshing elegance.  Sophisticated and aromatic.A fragrance to hypnotize both men and women.Announcing the first fragrance from American designer Lorenzo Siena.

The spirit of Palio is to ‘transcend time’.  And it does so with a rich woody fragrance mixed with an intricate bouquet – resulting in a clean and fresh distinctive cologne.

Palio was created for men and inspired by the Italian city of Siena – which is also Lorenzo’s last name.Palio means both ‘winner’ and ‘prize’ in Italian.  The name is directly related to the city’s famous horse racing event, Palio di Siena that is held twice yearly.

Lorenzo (Larry) Siena has had a lifelong affinity with fragrances – mixing essences for his own pleasure.It was while on a trip to Italy and to the town of his namesake that Lorenzo became additionally inspired. He went home and worked on the creation of a new fragrance for his pure personal enjoyment. As he developed this scent- he would wear it. And people would stop him and ask where they could purchase that wonderful fragrance.  He beamed “I made it myself”.

It is the passion for his craft that is an underlying theme which led me to do this story on Lorenzo Sienna.  I felt the sincerity and the naturalness of Lorenzo.  His fragrance creations have been his lifelong infatuation.

With the glut of companies and their star endorsements – it is refreshing to know of a well thought out and sincere product.Drom International, a world respected fragrance house produces Lorenzo’s formulas.

Lorenzo only uses pure natural fragrances – no artificial colors or dyes in his products.  He insists that his products be environmentally friendly, safe, and easy to use right down to the reusable bottle with atomizer.

I do not care that Palio is marketed as a man’s perfume – I will choose it.  I have always used men’s fragrances because I feel their blends are superb.

I tried and tested Palio.  And this is the result of each inhalation:  pleasurable and authentic – a unique aroma, long-lasting, and not overpowering.Fragrance carries a meaning……….and if it is to be memorable and to transcend time…….I’m in.Now that you have heard my two scents…try Palio !

According to Lorenzo, the next creation is Palio Gold – followed by Lady Palio.Shop the Lorenzo Siena Fragrances website for this unique product.

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  1. Thank you for your kind review, Ungenita, of our product..

    Best Wishes always….

  2. Thank you for your kind review, Ungenita, of ourproduct.

    Best Wishes always….


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