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Guess who’s going on a date???
Guess who’s going on a date???

If you are single & hitting the town tonight for a date. I want you to be your best. Without any expectations Here are 7 Dating Tips So Your First Date Is Not Your Last. Remember ladies Men Are Visual!

  1. Plan accordingly so you have enough time to soak in the bath or sing in the shower. This will help with nerves so you are relaxed.

  2. Again men are visual. Pick out your outfit the day before (don’t dash off to the mall it’s your first date not your engagement party) make an effort to look nice just because (without any expectations).

  3. It’s the night to flaunt your signature style so you smell your best. However don’t overdue it. A soft pleasant scent is enough to make him remember how sweet you really are.

  4. Practice good dental hygiene. This doesn’t have anything to do with kissing. It’s common courtesy to have fresh breathe regardless if your within 2 Feet of the person or not.

  5. A nice hairstyle & natural makeup are key.

  6. Be yourself otherwise you will never know if he really likes the real you.

  7. Mind your manners, sit pretty like a lady & remember to say please & thank you.

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