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Relationship Advice

Relationships are important. You may have heard me talk about “The Law Of Association”. I had the pleasure of meeting Relationship Coach Daniel Amis. I asked him to share his relationships tips with you. Here’s what he wrote for us.

Relationship Tips: How To Have A Beautiful Relationship

Tip #1- Plan a romantic vacation. Plan a nice getaway (if your schedules permit) for you and your partner during the Summer. Take a trip to Hawaii; go on a cruise to the Caribbean, etc. Consult with friends and/or family on some great places to travel, and arrange for it to happen.

Tip #2- Prepare a nice meal. Only recommended if you know how to cook. Prepare his/her favorite meal. If you don’t know how to cook, hire someone to make it for you. Place two candles on the table with a bowl of small fruit or appetizers. And remember to keep the lights low, to make the food more visually appealing.

Tip#3- Make him/her feel relaxed in your presence. Are there things going on in his/her life (bills, work, etc) that’s stressing him/her out? Then give a good massage. Everyone likes massages and everyone likes to feel relaxed.

Tip#4- Communicate. Communicate with your partner to find out what your partner would like to do and then take it from there. Whatever you need to do to make your relationship more exciting, then do it. You have to be the pro-active one if you want to get the love life that you desire.


Relationship Coach Daniel Amis has helped many people get the relationship of their dreams. If you would like more information go to: and subscribe for his FREE weekly newsletters.

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  1. I thing all those suggestions are useful. I would also like to add that we need to allow the person to be themselves. Over the years I have observed many women who wanted their men to respond to them as a woman. we are two different species (we enjoy the difference). Ladies, your man is not inside your head, stop playing the guessing game and keep it real and speak whats on your mind.


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