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KRISTI FRANK! ‘The Apprentice’ Season #1
KRISTI FRANK! ‘The Apprentice’ Season #1

So last week at The David Neagle event I found myself sitting next to Kristi Frank from ‘The Apprentice’ Season #1. Kristie has leveraged her reality career into a very successful internet business. Check out Kristi has appeared on Oprah, The Today Show, MSNBC, The View & in the board room of course with Donald Trump.


We were having lunch at The Rancho Santa Fe Inn when Kristie said you have to try Stevia Extract, In The Raw. Finally a healthy alternative to sugar. Remember sugar is like eating with the enemy. Bottom line it accelerates the aging process & leads to inflammation in the body which is why I’m not one to add sugar to my drinks. I have a sweet tooth that I exercise with caution. However I thought you might find it useful to know about this all natural zero calorie sweetener. Try it sometime.

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