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Did you know your purse is where you carry your wealth and financial power? Your purse is a collector of things – and sometimes those things are drop dead ugly. According to recent studies, a woman’s purse ranks as one of the top ten “germ infested” items we come in contact with on a regular basis. Definitely doesn’t sound pretty.

So I’d like to you to look in your purse right now.  Be honest, is your purse a symbol of wealth or is it a danger to your health?

The purse is an essential part of your outfit; It’s an indispensable tool and can make all the difference in how you look and one of the most coveted accessories you can own.

Your purse is multi-faceted, a valuable fashion asset that allows you to carry important things like business cards, lipstick, hand cream, breath mints, a saf ety pin, or your journal. Not to mention your wallet, keys, tissue, makeup, a cell phone and so forth in a stylish manner. If you need to fix your makeup, you will dig in your purse. If you need to call someone suddenly, you will pull your cell phone out of your purse. Can you imagine life without the purse? It would be a huge hassle to have to carry all of those things individually. And you think you’re unorganized now.

Interestingly, for women, your purse is a reflection of you, a symbol of where you’re at in your life. An attractive, organized purse screams you feel great about yourself & your life is running smoothly.  When your purse is a mess and you can’t find anything, you feel lost and your life can reflect that scattered state as well.

Everything occurring in your EXTERNAL life is a result, symptom, or reflection of what’s inside your purse right now. Sounds crazy I know but think ab out it & answer this second question.

Are you carrying your problems in your purse?

I would ponder there are things that aren’t serving you right now in your life & its showing up in your purse (drop dead ugly stuff). So, if you’re currently having challenges right now in your personal or professional life.  Look inside your purse to cleanse your mind, lift your spirit and replenish your soul.

Take Inventory

  • What are you holding on to that you need to release?
  • What is stuck at the bottom of your purse from your past that will not serve you today and certainly not tomorrow?
  • What’s robbing your energy that you need to say good-bye to?

Dig deep inside & clean it out ASAP.

The most common things that women carry around are Indecision, Doubt & Fear. Yes its shows up in your purse; old wrappers, wrinkled receipts, a bill that you refuse to pay, a reminder of a past lover, food wrappers, crumbs & even change stuck at the bottom. If you can’t appreciate 50 Cents how do you expect the universe to bring you $500,000? Organize Your purse, Organize your life! 

Toss Out… Throw Away…Tear Up

This process will free you & allow you to make room for more good to come into your life.  Let’s face it. Many of us choose to hang on to things that at some point have hurt us, angered us, made us feel sad, or depressed us. If you choose to hang on to them, you will never move forward & continue to block positive energy that’s anxiously awaiting your arrival.

Remember, we’re either shrinking or evolving. Don’t let your purse drag you down. It’s a Fashion accessory for heaven’s sake. Stop carrying the emotional garbage that can adversely affect your life today.  It’s not in season & the purse wasn’t designed for it. Every time you carry your purse it should evoke a feeling of beauty, wealth & success. I believe that sometimes we fail to let go because we feel like we will lose a piece of ourselves or that we will not know how to function without the very thing that’s not serving us.

Carry your purse with pride. You will feel more confident when you let of go of your problems.  If you are ready to stop carrying your problems in your purse & use your purse as a power source here are 3 steps that can increase your self-worth as well as your net-worth.

3 Steps To Purse Power

  1. Beautiful Inside/out- Keep it clean. Resist the temptation to throw food wrappers, bits of paper or used tissues into your purse. What does it say when you carry trash in the same place as your money? 
  2. Higher Love- A Feng Shui Expert told me to never put my purse on the floor. Elevate your purse everywhere you gorestroom, restaurants, in the office or in your home. 
  3. Wealth & Wallets – Create positive energy around money & bring more beauty into your life via your purse. Buy a wallet that helps you stay organized with your money. Your money should be easily arranged, not rammed into a wad, and your credit cards should be easily accessible. Carry a $100 bill & a deposit slip, set the intention that you will keep it there. This will help you prepare for financial surprises.

Show some purse love inside/out! O

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