Prettify Your Workplace

Prettify YOUR Workspace!

Look around, what do you see? Do you love your workspace? I think your environment should serve you in more ways than one. Think about this, it’s either an asset or a liability. A lovely environment will contribute to your success!

One of the things I love about being an Entrepreneur, I can work at home. I’m pretty disciplined so it’s easy for me to get the job done at home. I know some entrepreneurs struggle with this and sometimes find it difficult to be productive and produce results at home. 

Why am I so inspired? I put forth the effort to make my space “Pretty”. Every corner of the room excites me and brings me great joy. Just like I take the time to put together my favorite outfit, I took the time to decorate and create my favorite workspace. I’m a stickler about all things relating to beauty. My workspace is no exception. If you have piles of paper and clutter everywhere (not cute!). If you are looking for clarity on the inside, you might want to de-clutter on the outside. 

Take time to create a workspace that inspires you
– stop putting it off. First, clear your desk. A clean desk increases your productivity! Throw away the magazines, junk mail & piles of paper. Empty out your drawers, cabinets organize your book shelf, file important letters & let go of all “the stuff” you’re hanging on to and you know you don’t need to. Free your mind! Organization will make you feel like you’re on top of the world!

So how do you “Prettify Your Workspace”?

Be a Flower Girl: I love fresh flowers. They smell good and are beautiful to look at. If you’re on a budget artificial flowers will work also. The whole idea is to bring some of the beauty outside/inside.

Be an Original:
Put your personality in the space with positive anchors. I have some of my favorite photos framed and displayed on my hutch and vision boards on the wall. I also have an oil painting of the New York cityscape on the wall behind my desk. It’s the first thing that I notice when I enter my office. One of my goals, live in LA & NY. Great reminder! 

Color Coordinate: Buy office supplies in your favorite colors or design scheme. I keep pink, purple and yellow notepads in my desk; I even have a stapler/tape dispenser encrusted with stones in a zebra pattern. I have a lipstick pencil case for my pastel markers. Another thing I think you’ll love, purple, red and gold paperclips! Everything that I use is so pretty, I’m motivated to put it to good use!

Your lesson for today:

1. Throw 3 things away that you don’t need.
2. Organize your desk inside/out.
3. Add an item that will instantly “Prettify Your Workspace”

Remember your outside world mirrors your inside world!

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