Dress Up Your Business

Imagine a business that is essentially YOU!

Today, more than ever you can experience the energy and excitement of “Being YOU For A Living”!

The minute you open your doors for business, you’re telling the world, I have something to sell that I want you to buy. How are they going to notice you? Are you truly standing out from the competition?

5 Must Have Accessories (For Life)

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If you are a true “Fashionista”, you know the feeling; you’re checking yourself out in the mirror. You have the perfect outfit! Your ensemble includes pieces that are in this season and 2 from the past. Your hair is highlighted, layered and bouncing all over the place. Your $50.00 perfectly polished manicure & pedicure makes you feel beautiful from head to toe. You’re ready!!! But, wait a minute, something is missing… That’s right. Despite the fact that you’re “Dressed To The Nines”, your entire look can make you a “Fashion Don’t” if you don’t accessorize. If you’re looking to make a fashion statement, make sure you’ve accessorized. It can make or break your outfit.

The Letter “F”

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I was surprised to learn that A, B & C aren’t the most popular letters in the alphabet! With an 8.17% rating, E is in fact, the most popular letter in the alphabet. Z is the last letter in the alphabet and ironically, it’s the least favorite with a 0.07% rating.

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