MySkin Analyzed Ungenita Prevost’s Skin

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The Verdict is in…

I have good skin, my pores are small and I’m aging at a snail’s pace (not the best choice of words but I think you get the point). My birthday was last week and someone said I’m timeless. Sounds great to me!

While speaking at The Beauty Party in New York back in April of 2011, I had the pleasure of meeting the representatives from MySkin. If you haven’t heard of MySkin, and you LOVE YOUR SKIN get ready to makeover your beauty regimen. Their advanced technology analyzes your skin in minutes and gives you a 100% assessment of YOUR skin.

Beauty is Skin Deep

You see for years, we have assumed what type of skin we have. As a Trained Aesthetician you may not always get an accurate assessment under the lights when you get a facial. I’ve been told I have oily skin and normal skin. Guess what, my skin is actually combination! I still seek expert advice. I care about my skin and I take care of my skin, no ifs, ands or buts about it. Let’s face it; your skin is the largest organ in your body. Do you know what’s really going on with the dermis and the epidermis?

How many products have you bought that sit on your vanity ½ empty? MySkin’s mission is to provide you with the information and tools to help you make better decisions about your skin. Once you know your “Skin Type” you can check out what products are perfect for you AND to top it off, they’re keeping it simple and chic!

The Cost of Beauty

How much money would you have in the bank today if you didn’t waste it on “Fancy Schmancy” skin care products that didn’t work? Let’s face it; some products (I won’t name brands) fail to deliver the results YOU want.

With a background in skin care I have tried more than my share of skin care products and for the most part. I think most products work but they don’t always work on everyone. I’ll admit I’m guilty of falling for the latest and the greatest claim. With MySkin you can take control of your beauty regimen and ensure that your “skin’s success” is skin deep!

The ultimate source of unbiased advice

Analyze your skin, find what products and routines work for you, and connect with your SkinTwins™.


As a Beauty Expert I sample new products regularly but at the end of the day, I know what works for my skin. If you’d like to get the facts about your skin so you can buy the most effective products for YOUR skin type, please visit MySkin’s site

Thanks MySkin for analyzing “My Skin”!!!!!!!!!

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