Monopoly Monday

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Monopoly MondayYes, I’m in fabulous Las Vegas this week but I don’t like to gamble BUT I love to play board games. My favorite games are SCATTEGORIES & MONOPOLY. So when Sephora teamed up with MONOPOLY to create a beauty-full edition of the classic game I was one of the first in line. I absolutely love it – GO TO JAIL for bad hair days, ADVANCE TO GO for winning a shopping spree, and pay for your products with Beauty Bucks. Its a Beauty Expert’s heaven!

Just like the original you can buy, sell, and trade but this time all the beauty-full products that make Sephora The Beauty Authority as you vie to own the Sephora empire. Stock your stores with beauty products and hire store directors and specialists, while ensuring that your store has all the essentials like water and electricity. A one stop shop to enhance your outer beauty.

This is perfect for girl’s night in!

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