Mirror Mirror Monday

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Makd The Mirror Your Friend
Makd The Mirror Your Friend

Why are we so uncomfortable looking in the mirror? For most of us the mirror has a negative connotation. Experts say, women are rarely satisfied with their appearance – and are always seeking a better body image. There’s no such thing as perfect but I believe no matter what size you are, you can absolutely “perfect your potential”.

7 Simple Ways to Perfect Your Potential

A diet is not a very empowering word for women because loosing weight is often linked to a higher self-esteem. Putting more value on yourself because you are one size smaller can lead to emotional turmoil. Accept yourself at any size & stand in front of the mirror with confidence. I find that it’s a lot easier to work with what God gave you than trying to change into something you are not.

Eating a healthy diet & exercising regularly, are important but should be implemented into one’s daily lifestyle not treated as a fad for instant gratification.

Here’s the easiest way to start valuing yourself & maximizing all of your assets at any size, no matter what outfit you choose to wear here’s your checklist:

1. The Beauty of Words Stop in the name of self-love; negative self-talk immediately. The more you speak positively about yourself the more you will increase the chances of finding positive solutions. Focus on what you want & not what you don’t want.

2. Maximize, Maximize, Maximize The spotlight should be on your assets & only your assets. Find 5 features that you absolutely love. It can be your hair, your eyes, your skin, your legs or your teeth. The next time you are faced with the mirror focus on that first & then channel that to accentuate the features you don’t like.

3. Respect yourself What happened to valuing yourself? Would you allow someone else to disrespect those you love? If the answer is no, then it’s time to stop beating up yourself. You are good enough.

4. Turn a like into a dislike Enough with I don’t like this & I don’t like that. If you wish for change find realistic solutions that you can easily implement. No get fit quick shams…

5. Your Personal Style Buy size appropriate clothing. Don’t put off buying new clothes until you ready to embrace your body image. Make the most of your size by buying clothes that are complimentary.

6. One Size Doesn’t Fit All Accept all of your parts. Remember of the less than 2% of women that fall into the Supermodel category, they don’t even measure up to the images we see in editorial campaigns.

7. Like Minds. Surround yourself with people that are complimentary & make you feel good.

Face The Mirror With Confidence By Just Being You…

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