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Light Bulb Moment
Light Bulb Moment

I have been a writer my whole life. What I find funny is where I get my creativity from. I carry journals with me wherever I go just so I can keep hold of any cool ideas that might cross my mind. Have you ever had a brilliant idea & then it slipped your mind? Many years ago when I aspired to be a songwriter. I started writing on the bus, the plane, during lunch at work & of course at home. It’s so exciting to come up with ideas. Are you holding on to your ideas? What are you doing with your creativity?

 10 Simple Ways To Spark A Light Bulb Moment 

  • Masterminding with likeminded individuals
  • Sweet Dreams
  • Before Bedtime
  • The minute you open your eyes in the morning
  • During Meditation
  • A Commute on a plane, train or bus
  • Reading…Reading…Reading
  • Studying/Journal Writing
  • Surfing The Internet
  • Listening to Music or Watching TV

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