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PiXi By Petra
PiXi By Petra

I recently met Petra Strand, a makeup artist from England & creator of Pixi by Petra which was launched 10 years ago with her 2 sisters. With over 20 years of experience her knowledge & vision is the core of this beauty line. Petra was kind enough to ship a generous selection of her products so I couldn’t resist sharing.

1.  Lash Booster Mascara No. 2 Blackest Black- No budge-waterproof mascara for lush natural lashes.

2.  Lid & Line No. 1 Smoky Black – All-in-one wand contains liner, shadow & built in applicator for color coordinated eyes.

3.  Lip Booster No. 2 Leanan – A moisturizing treatment gloss infused with technology to plump your lips.

4.  Lip Blush No. 1 Youth – This is my favorite, it tints & tones your lips for a natural look that stays put on your pout.

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