Lessons From Whoopi Goldberg on Oprah’s Master Class

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I’ve always admired Whoopi Goldberg for her work and her insights on The View but my biggest take away from Whoopi Goldberg on Oprah’s Master Class was how she stood firm in who she is and how that one trait could very well be possible for her beating the odds and defying Hollywood’s standards of a Movie Star. 

She dresses the way she wants to.
She wears dread locks because she doesn’t like to comb her hair.
She makes no excuses about who she is.
She’s not afraid to say no.
She’s comfortable in her skin.
She’s emanates self love.
She could care less if you like her or not.

She displays a level of CONFIDENCE that we ALL can learn from. 

On a scale of 1-10 how close are you to “Whoopi Goldberg Confidence”. I’m giving myself an 8, my sensitive nature runs the show more often than not. . 

If you haven’t seen Whoopi Goldberg on Oprah’s Master Class, please tune into OWN as soon as you can and I guarantee you’ll be inspired to embrace ALL of you and fully see why there’s no value in being normal.

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P.S. I’ve included a few of my Whoopi Goldgerg quotes. Enjoy!00whoopi00whoopi200whoopi3

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