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One of the things that I loved about going to Beauty College, to be an Aesthetician, was that I had the opportunity to sample some of the top product lines in the world. I’ve been taking care of my skin since I was a teenager. It’s mind-boggling to me when women say they don’t have a skin care regimen. I’m sorry, there should be laws governing how women take care of their skin (LOL!).

You know, if you’re not happy with your skin or the way you look it can wreak havoc on the rest of your life, i.e. you don’t’ want to go out, you feel less confident, you’re less likely to feel beautiful.

Women that want to put their best face forward have a regimen in the am & pm!

Why would you not have a regimen? There are so many choices out there and many women often say they can’t afford high priced luxury brands consistently. They fall prey at the cosmetic counter but fail to keep up with all of the steps and the countless bottles of lotions & potions.

So when I got my pretty little hands on Victoria Camden’s line NuGlow, I had to put it to the test.

I tried this line earlier in the year and loved what I saw when I looked in the mirror.  I have to admit to being a bit of a product junky but really enjoyed the simplicity. My skin is normal/combination. I’m use to heavier creams and was surprised because though the serum absorbed quickly it did leave my skin feeling smooth with a nice glow.

You can have the  J.Lo Glow too!

NuGlow’s patent pending MD3 Copper complex with antioxidants delivers micro-nutrition deep within the skin dermis, where blood vessels keep your skin cells healthy and supply needed oxygen and nutrients. This layer also contains collagen and elastin, which keep the skin from sagging.

You learn something new every day… Every cell in the human body uses copper to increase natural tissue building, and the skin is no exception.

NuGlow’s MD3 copper peptides deliver copper deep within the skin’s surface, or dermis, making even the driest skin appear visibly fresher and firmer.  Blood vessels, deep under the dermis, keep your skin cells healthy and supply much-needed oxygen and nutrients; this layer also contains the skin’s collagen and elastin, which keep the skin from sagging.

How beautiful is that?

If you want a simple and more economical skin care routine it might be worth your while to try NuGlow’s 5 Piece kit.

  • NuGlow® Concentrated Therapeutic Cleanser
  • NuGlow® Copper Peptide Eye Therapy With MD3 Copper
  • NuGlow® Copper Peptide Serum with MD3 Copper & Antioxidants
  • NuGlow® Daytime Therapy With SPF 15
  • NuGlow® Copper Peptide NightTime Therapy With MD3 Copper

4 Steps in the am and 4 Steps in the pm!!!

Honestly, I am approached all the time by companies that want me to help promote their brand. While I have to turn most of them down, I do review them. Why? Because as a Beauty Expert I know that consumers want trustworthy, independent information about beauty products so they can make informed decisions about what is best for the health of their skin. Beauty is health made visible. I think it’s important for me to stay on top of what’s cutting edge in the cosmetic industry.

Order now and receive membership in the NuGlow Skincare Club…. FREE. You will get 70% off the retail price, a 60 day supply for $89.95 (The retail value of the package is over $290.00). 

Founded in 2004 NuGlow Cosmaceuticals is a specialty skincare company focused on providing only the highest quality products to improve the appearance of skin. Our company was founded on the principle of providing high quality products and service at the lowest possible price using a direct to consumer model. Our skincare products, including our lead product line containing patented Copper Peptide Complex with more than 17 U.S. patents and 80 foreign patents, are designed to enhance skin appearance, reduce signs of aging and provide other skincare benefits.

What you can expect from regular use of NuGlow formulations:

NuGlow’s micro-nutrition products are designed for sustained improvement to your appearance, so expect gradual but serious improvement in the appearance of your skin. If you stick with the regimen your patience will pay off with progressively younger appearing skin.

NuGlow’s MD3 Copper Peptide complex has been proven to reduce signs of skin aging in 4 weeks with more pronounced improvement with longer use. Clinical studies reveal that virtually 100% of people using NuGlow’s skincare products with patented breakthrough copper peptide technology experience statistically significant improvement in their skin’s appearance in 4 weeks! At 8 weeks, 100% of users saw their wrinkles diminish.

Guaranteed Results

NuGlow’s skincare systems have worked for so many people; we want you to try it absolutely risk-free. Just try NuGlow for a full 60 days (from date of purchase). If you’re not totally satisfied with the results simply return the bottles – even if they’re empty – for a complete refund of the purchase price.* You have nothing to lose but your wrinkles!

NuGlow is committed to offering the highest quality products at the best value. To achieve this goal we invest our money in the content of our products and eschew high cost fancy packaging that adds costs without benefit. Ever on the prowl for new and better products, NuGlow is committed to making our customers look and feel great.

Victoria Camden
President, NuGlow Skincare Science

If you want to experience the results of this luxury line at the fraction of the cost of other brands click here now…

Yes Ungenita, I Want To Try NuGlow Risk-Free




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